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NYU adjunct opening

There is an adjunct opening for a course in modern global history this fall semester at New York University’s McGhee Division. The course, entitled Contemporary World, is a survey of global history from about 1800 to the present. This is a core course that runs once a week for fourteen weeks on Monday evenings starting on Sept 8th. A brief description can be found below.

The McGhee Division is an undergraduate degree program mainly for adult and transfer students. The class will probably have about 20 or fewer students.

Course Description:
Contemporary World
An introduction to global history in the modern era, examining structures and processes of interaction among the world’s regions and peoples from 1800 to the present, as well as the historical craft itself. Major topics of study include the large-scale transformations wrought by the Industrial Revolution, the consequences of the democratic revolutions in the Atlantic World, the effects of European and American imperial expansion in the nineteenth century, the two World Wars in the twentieth century, the decolonization wave in Africa and Asia in the 1940s and 1950s, and the Cold War and its aftermath.

Advanced graduate students with teaching experience, or recent PhDs, can apply. Please contact:
Clif Hubby, Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor of History
Paul McGhee Division
New York University
7 East Twelfth Street, Rm 623H
New York, NY 10003