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NYU Cold War Seminar Series

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Fall 2018 Events

September 26 (4:30 pm): Teishan Latner (Thomas Jefferson University)- Cuban Revolution in America: Havana and the Making of a United States Left, 1968-1992 (UNC Press, 2018)


September 27 (4:00pm): David Austin Walsh (Princeton University) “If Hitler Were Alive, We’d Take His Money: The American Mercury and the Right-Wing Popular Front in the 1950s”

Commentator: Ellen Schrecker (New York University)


October 4 (4:00pm): ​Tejasvi Nagaraja (Harvard University) “Nodes of Empire, Ports of Solidarity: Decolonization, Racial Capitalism, and the Global War-Work Mutiny of 1946”

Commentator: Stephen Wertheim (Columbia University)


October 9 (4:30pm): Robby Cohen (New York University)- Howard Zinn’s Southern Diary: Sit-ins, Civil Rights, and Black Women’s Student Activism (University of George Press, 2018)


October 11 (4:00pm): Kristoffer Smemo (University of California Santa Barbara) “Rust and Revolt: Liberal Republicans and the Crisis of Capitalist Democracy in the 1960s”

Commentator: Kara M. Schlichting (Queens College)


October 23 (4:30 pm): Kyle Burke (Hartwick College)- Revolutionaries for the Right: Anticommunist Internationalism and Paramilitary Warfare in the Cold War (UNC Press, 2018)


October 25 (4:00pm): Kaeten Mistry (University of East Anglia) “The Struggle of Dissent: Phillip Agee and U.S. National Security Whistleblowing”

Commentator: Carolyn Eisenberg (Hofstra University)


November 8 (4:00pm): Michael Brenes (GC PhD, Yale University) “Hubert Humphrey, the Anti-War Left, and Social Democracy in Cold War America”

Commentator: Timothy Naftali (New York University)


November 14 (4:30pm): David Engerman (Yale University)- The Price of Aid: The Economic Cold War in India (Harvard University Press, 2018)

Moderator: Manu Bhagavan (Hunter College, CUNY Graduate Center)


November 15 (4:00pm): ​Camilo Lund-Montano (Center for the United States and the Cold War) “In the Halls of Justice: Social Movements and the National Lawyers Guild (1940s-1980s)”

Commentator: Elizabeth Schneider (Brooklyn Law School)


November 29 (4:00pm): Kristina Shull (Harvard University) “Legacies of Reagan’s Cold War on Immigrants: Resistance and the Rise of a Detention Regime”

Commentator: TBD

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