NYU Liberal Studies is currently searching for a part-time instructor

Part-time teaching position in Social Foundations II at NYU Liberal Studies
NYU Liberal Studies is seeking a part-time instructor to teach Social Foundations II in Spring 2018.  

Social Foundations II spans a thousand years, from the rise of Islam and the reunification of China under the Tang Dynasty (in the 7th century CE) through the Scientific Revolution and the decline of the Mogul Empire in India. Students consider great ideas that have often helped earlier peoples organize their lives—but which have also set them in conflict either with other communities or among themselves. Such ideas have sparked movements for ethical and social reform, conquest, recovery of lost classics, and religious renewal. Vast new empires appear during this period, but so do challenges to their rule. Religious conflicts lead to civil war, and modern science emerges as a challenge to traditional beliefs. Throughout, different conceptions of human nature emerge and collide. Oppression gives rise to new movements for greater equality and individual rights, and bitter struggles for power lead to the creation of large new colonial empires, whose effects linger to the present day. In addition, the world’s different civilizations come into increasing contact through exploration and trade. Students consider these ideas and developments critically, with an eye to their philosophical, political, and historical significance; and they explore the ways in which texts that have often been read in exclusively Western contexts yield new meaning when placed in non-Western settings.

The course meets twice weekly, with class sessions lasting 75 minutes. A PhD in Political Science, Philosophy, or a related Humanities discipline is strongly preferred, though senior graduate students (ABD) with teaching experience will be considered.

Candidates should send a CV and a brief personal statement to Irene Hahn, the Liberal Studies Assistant Director of Academic Administration:   <irene.hahn@nyu.edu>   Interviews to commence as soon as possible.

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