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October 22 – Art, Affect, & Embodied Learning

Art, Affect, & Embodied Learning
Tuesday, October 22, 4:00-6:00pm
The Graduate Center, Room C197

The classroom is often thought of solely as a space for the mind, emphasizing the intellectual aspects of learning. Minds, however, don’t enter into instructional spaces separated from bodies. Bodies come shaped by and grounded in experiences and histories that have sensory and emotional valences and social dimensions. These aspects also can shape how we and our students experience the classroom and form our attitudes and approaches toward teaching and learning. They may manifest in how open a student may feel towards certain subjects and strategies, in who chooses to speak or remain quiet in class, and in what methods an instructor may use or choose to avoid in their classrooms.

Join TLC staff for a workshop on Tuesday, October 22 at 4pm where we will explore the roles of affect, emotion, and embodiment in how we teach and how we learn. We will look at this in relation to being a student–both in our roles as students ourselves and those of our students. We will also explore how it shapes our practices as instructors, and the types of spaces and opportunities for learning that we facilitate. Attendees will leave this workshop with a clearer sense of how sensitivity to affect and embodiment may open up additional possibilities for teaching and learning, with special attention to how arts-based methods can help with this work in the classroom.

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