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October 26 – “New Deal, Trump Deal” (a Gotham Center lecture)

New Deal, Trump Deal: How Federal Spending on Public Works Transformed NYC During the Great Depression, And How it Might Again

Thursday, October 26th, 6:30-8pm

Martin E. Segal Theater (Ground Floor)


Even as the Great Depression devastated New York, the city saw a renaissance in public works, as the federal government stepped up to finance a breathtaking list of projects: bridges, tunnels, airports, sewers, roads, hospitals, parks, schools, artwork, government buildings, and more. The legacy of this era stands, quite literally, all around us.


​Gray Brechin, founder of the Living New Deal Project, showcases a new map locating these often-invisible sites around NYC, and discusses their enduring impact on public health in the metropolis. Conversation will follow (speaker TBA), contrasting the New Deal approach to infrastructure and job-creation legislation today.

Co-sponsored by the Gotham Center for New York City History, The Museum of the City of New York ​ and the New York Public Interest Research Group