The Ph.D. Program in History

at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York

History Program Events

Peer Mentor Office Hours

Want to talk one on one?

Here’s when you can find one of the peer mentors in the history lounge. Or just contact us directly by email and we will find a time to meet.


Office hours:

Miriam Liebman – Monday mornings ->
Jiwon Han – Mondays 5-6pm >
Helena Yoo – Mondays 5-6pm ->
Madeline Lafuse – Tuesdays 4-5pm ->
Stephanie Makowski – Wednesday afternoons ->
Kate Kelley – Thursdays 2-3pm ->
Carli Snyder – Thursdays 4-5pm  ->
Arinn Amer – Fridays 1-2pm ->
Adam Kocurek – variable ->
Phelim Dolan – variable ->
Davide Giuseppe Colasanto – anytime ->
Davide Campmier ->
Madeline Dede-Panken ->

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