POSTPONED: 3/13 – Program for 10th Annual History Graduate Student Conference

3/17/20 – Unfortunately the reschedule date of April 24th will not be approved. I will update here if there is a new date.


In light of recent decisions by the CUNY administration regarding COVID-19, we will be rescheduling the conference to Friday, April 24th from 9:30am to 6pm. We apologize for the last-minute nature of this announcement.

As it stands now, the program will remain the same, but we will send out an updated version closer to the new date of the conference. We know that the students and faculty involved have worked very hard on this conference, and we hope to see you on April 24th!

All the best,

Stephanie and Sophie


, Roundtable 1, Mythbusters: Teaching and Unteaching Historical Narratives

9:30-10:15, Room 5114

Chair: Sophie Tunney
Participants: Madeline DeDe-Panken
Andrew Kotick
Chandni Tariq



Panel 1, Sex and the State: Women, Reproduction, and the Politics of the Body

10:20-12:00, Room 9206

Chair: Davide Colasanto
Papers: Deena Ecker, Her Body and Her Person: New York City Prostitutes in the Early Twentieth Century
Marybeth Tamborra, Class and Family in Italian Fascist Housing Settlement Communities (1923-1943)
Riley Kellogg, Faith Commitments and Abortion Law in the United States: Examining Religious and Secular Voices in the Roe and Doe Cases
Yanara Schmacks, “Motherhood is Beautiful”: Maternalism in the West German, New Women’s Movement between Eroticization and Ecological Protest
Commenting: Professor Kathleen McCarthy, CUNY Graduate Center



Round Table 2, Unravelling the Archive: Research in the Digital Age

12:00-1:00, Room 5114

Chair: Carli Snyder
Participants: Professor Philip Napoli, Brooklyn College
Kate Kelley
Stephanie Makowski



Lunch Break

1:00-1:45, Room 5114



Panel 2, Culture, Aesthetics, and Spectacle: The Formation of Societies

1:45-3:00, Room 9206

Chair: Andrew Kotick
Papers: Ladi Dell’aira, “Tragic Advertising”: Newspapers and the Business of Nineteenth Century Ballooning
Kate Kelley, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Romeo and Juliet in a Divided Germany
Kikuko Tanaka, An Inch Away from your Body: Aesthetic State and Kuki Shuzo’s The Structure of Iki
Commenting: Professor Julia Sneeringer, Queens College, CUNY Graduate Center




Panel 3, History on the Road: Transportation, Colonization, and Society

1:45-3:00, Room 5489

Chair: Helena Yoo Roth
Papers: Oscar Aponte, The Putumayo Road: Capuchin Missionaries and State Formation in the Colombian Amazon, 1912-1932
Purbasha Das, Transformation of Transport in Madras City (c.1900s-c.1940s)
Thompson Wells, “In a Desolate and Foreign Land”: Byzantine Cross-Cultural Attitudes on the Road to Nemanjić Serbia (Thirteenth-Fourteenth Centuries)
Commenting: Professor Simon Davis, Bronx Community College, CUNY Graduate Center



Panel 4, Power, Conflict, and Identity: Middle East Politics in the 20th century

 3:15-4:30, Room 5489

Chair: Cody Nager
Panel: Esther Adaire, Facing the Inferno: German Memory Politics During the Gulf War
Rebecca Irvine, Oil, Foreign Capital and the Evolution of Provincial Iraq: The Case of the Iraq Petroleum Company
Idan Liav, Pawns in Limbo: Palestinian Fate in Israeli Cabinet Discussions of June 1967
Commenting: Professor Louis Fishman, Brooklyn College



Panel 5, Colonial Spaces and Contested Freedoms: Racism, Slavery and Identity Formation

3:15-4:30, Room 9206

Chair: Madeline DeDe-Panken
Panel: Chandni Tariq, “Please Mr. Tiger, don’t eat me up!”: The Black Image and The Story of Little Black Sambo
Israel Ben-Porat, New Canaanite Bondage: Biblical Slavery Law in Early Massachusetts
Jessica Georges, Brave New World: Women and Gender in Nineteenth Century Liberia
Commenting: Professor Gunja SenGupta, Brooklyn College, CUNY Graduate Center



Roundtable 3, Freedom of Speech Questioned: The Politics and Policing of Academia

4:45-6:00, Room 5114

Chair: Adam Kocurek
Participants: Professor Joan Scott, CUNY Graduate Center
Micki Kaufmann
Idan Liav



Refreshments and Reception

6:00, Room 5114

Food Served Thanks to the Generous Support of DSC

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