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2016 Conference



Negotiating Spaces, Identities, and Sources Across the Historical Disciplines.

The Sixth Annual Graduate Center Student Conference

March 18th, 2016

8:00-9:00 – Sign-in, light refreshments Room 5/114

9:00-10:40 – Expansion and Renewal: Making the Nation in a Globalizing World, Room 5/409
Commentator: TBD     Chair: Christopher Ewing
Christopher Rominger, “Armistice and Anti-Semitism: Claims-Making in Tunisia, 1916-1920”
Christopher Kirkpatrick “Najd al-‘Ardah: Saudi Arabia and Dancing with Swords during the Interwar Period”
Whitney Thompson, “Across the Atlantic, Across the Continent: Immigrant Artists’ Representations of Westward Expansion”

9:00-10:40 – Negotiating Urban Spaces in the 20th Century, Room 5/414
Commentator: Dr. Barbara Naddeo     Chair: Krystle Farman
Andy Alger “The Politics of ‘Empty Space’: Mapping the Urban Fabric of Baghdad, 1917-1968”
Rebecca Pollack, “The Significance of an Unrealized Memorial: Louis Kahn’s Memorial to Six Million Jewish Martyrs”
Andrew Kotick, “Philanthropophagy, or the Brotherly Consumption of Man by Man: Dark Humor and the Siege of Paris”

10:50-12:30 – Reconstructing Morality in the Postwar Period, Room 5/409
Commentator: Dr. Benjamin Hett     Chair: Christopher Ewing
Sonja Dolinsek, “Victim, Criminal or Sexual Deviant?: Defining the ‘Prostitute’ during the Negotiations of the 1949 Anti-Trafficking Convention”
Ky Woltering, “The Unchristian Allies: Stewart W. Herman and American Churchmen in Occupied Germany, 1945-1949”
Davide Colasanto, “‘The Last Hope for Europe’: Success, Europeannes, and Sex”

10:50-12:30 – Regulating Transition and Crisis, Room 5/414
Commentator: Dr. Timothy Alborn     Chair: Andy Alger
Jarrett Moran, “From Culture to Social Science: J.A. Hobson and L.T. Hobhouse”
David Campmier, “Robert Cobb Kennedy’s Military Commission and the Interplay of the Lieber Code and the Just War Tradition to Limit Guerilla Warfare”
Erin Cully, “Cutting out the Middleman: Financial Deregulation and the Demise of the US Thrift Industry in the 1980s”

12:30-1:30 – Lunch Break

12:45 Keynote Address, Dr. Teresita Levy, Room 5/114 “Puerto Ricans in the Empire: Negotiations of U.S. Citizenship and Colonialism”

1:30-3:10 – Race, Gender, and American Belonging, Room 5/409
Commentator: Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens Chair: Krystle Farman
Miriam Liebman, “Flirting with the French: American Female Travelers in Paris, 1828-1848”
Westenley Alcenat, “‘To Transplant in Alien Soil’: Race, Migration, Nation, and Citizenship in the Age of the Haitian Revolution”
Amanda Brennan, “Advice to Mothers from the Maternity Center Association”

1:30-3:10 – The Racist Atlantic through the 19th Century, Room 5/414
Commentator: Dr. James Oakes Chair: Scott Ackerman
Mark Soriano, “Arunnin’ down them crowned heads’: Anti-Monarchism, Germanophobia, and Victorian Royalty”
Andrew Lang, “Antislavery and the Numbers Game: The Congressional Bulwark and ‘the Real Sentiment of the North,’ 1790-1860”
Arinn Amer, “The Art of Disguise”

3:20-5:00 – Careers Beyond the Tenure Track, Room 5/114
Roundtable Moderator: Megan Brown
Dr. Rebecca Amato, Associate Director, Civic Engagement Initiatives and Urban Democracy Lab, Gallatin School of Individual Study, New York University
Thomas Harbison, E-Learning Specialist, Sotheby’s Institute of Art
Glen Olson, Social Studies Curriculum Designer at IXL Learning
Dr. Luke Waltzer, Director, The Teaching and Learning Center, The Graduate Center, CUNY

5:00 – Refreshments and Reception Room 5/414

Hosted by The History Department of the Graduate Center, CUNY


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