Research Request for All Graduate Center Departments

Igor Holanda is a visiting scholar at the Anthropology department from the Federal University of Pernambuco (from Brazil), currently working under the supervision of Prof. Murphy Halliburton (CUNY). They would like to invite all CUNY Graduate Center students to participate in their research, entitled “Between Loneliness, Words and Peers: Self-Care Practices, Use of Psychotropic Drugs and Multi-Sited Conceptions about Psychological Distress Among University Students”. The purpose of this research is to understand how the academic environment affects students’ mental health as a result of the demands and difficulties faced in everyday activities, how graduate students manage their use of prescribed psychotropics, alcohol and other drugs, and how they engage in self-care practices to manage mental health issues. To be a part of this research, you need only to:


1) Be a graduate student at CUNY Graduate Center;

2) Being/having been under any type of treatment/diagnosis related to the field of mental health (depression, anxiety, bipolarity, etc.).


If you meet this criteria, please contact Igor at the email address below and they will contact you to schedule an in-person or online meeting. Then, an interview with a duration of about 40 minutes or more will be scheduled, being conducted only by the field researcher. There will be no audio recording or any other ways in which name identifiers will be disclosed. Interviews are preferred to be in-person and wherever the interlocutor feels more comfortable, but if you feel more comfortable doing it through a Zoom meeting (online), that will work just as well. There will be no financial compensation for this research.


PI/Advisor: Prof. Dr. Murphy Halliburton

Field Researcher: Igor Holanda Vaz Arcoverde


Phone Number: (332) 254-5988



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