The PhD Program in History Student Bios

The PhD Program in History has approximately 100 students currently enrolled, including:


Hamilton Craig

Major Field: Modern U.S. history

Research Interests: Farmers’ movements, capitalism and anti-capitalism, conservatism, migration

Degrees conferred: B.A. in History, Berea College (2021)

Publications: “Close Community: Rural Working-Class Culture in the 1910 Hudson River Mill Strike,” in Tufts Historical Review, vol. 13  (Spring 2021)






Maggie Schreiner

Major Field: U.S. History

Minor Field: undecided

Degrees Conferred: BA, Central and Eastern European Studies (McGill University), MA Archives and Public History (New York University)

Research Interests: Housing, gender, sexuality, race, public history and memory, archival studies

Contact Information:



Daniela Moraes Traldi
Major Field: Latin America/ Gender and Women’s History
Degrees Conferred: MSc History of International Relations (London School of Economics and Political Science); International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (Fordham University); Certificate in Global Affairs (New York University); Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism (FIAM Brazil).
Research Interests: women’s movements in Latin America; transnational/ global feminism; gender and sexuality; feminist/ gender theory; social and political thought.
Contact info:


Stephanie Makowski

Major Field: Modern European History

Minor Field: Gender and Sexuality

Degrees Conferred: B.A. (Mary Baldwin College, 2009), M.A. in War, Media and Society (University of Kent, 2014), M.Phil, History (CUNY Graduate Center, 2019)

Dissertation Topic: Interracial Relationships in Britain 1919-1960

Research Interests: Gender, race, sexuality, war, cultural histoey, transatlantic history

Publications: “For the Duration Only: Interracial Relationships in WWII Britain” in Journal of the History of Sexuality 29, No. 2, May 2020.



Bryan Guichardo 

Major Field: Modern (Afro) Latin American and Caribbean History

Minor Field: Modern African American History

Degrees Conferred: B.A. in Anthropology and Black Studies with honors (City College of New York – CUNY, 2019)

Research Interests:

  • Race, Nation, and Ideology; Black Intellectual and Political Thought; Nationalism and Transnationalism; Black Social Movements; Afro-Latin American Exile Communities, Print Culture, and Political Dissent; Afro-Latin American Intellectual and Cultural History; 19th and 20th Spanish Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic)

Contact Information:



Robert M. Cleary

Major Field: U.S. History

Minor Field: undecided

Degrees Conferred: M.A. in Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center (2021); B.A. in American Studies, CUNY BA Program, at Hunter College (2020).

Research Interests: History of ideas, social history, queer history.

Contact info:




Marta Millar
Major Field: Modern European History
Minor Field: World History
Degrees Conferred: M.I.A. International Affairs, Pennsylvania State University (2018); B.A. with honors in History, B.A. German, B.A. International Politics, Pennsylvania State University (2018)
Research Interests: Germany, Southern Africa, imperialism, post-colonialism, public history and memory, international education, race, nationalism, history of mass violence and genocide
Contact Information:



Rachel B. Tiven

Major Field: U.S. History

Minor Field: Women & Gender
Degrees conferred: A.B., Comparative Religion, Harvard University; J.D., Columbia Law School

Research interests: the women’s suffrage movement and women’s quest for citizenship in the United States. For more, listen to CUNY’s Thought Podcast







Jessica Georges

Major Field: US

Minor Field: African Diaspora

Degrees Conferred: M.A., The City College of New York, CUNY

Research Interests: I am broadly interested in discourses around nationalism and definitions of freedom in the early republic. My research centers on the African American colonization movement in the years leading to and following northern emancipation. I also study the history of New York and am particularly interested in the study race and gender in the Atlantic world.

Contact info:



Duangkamol Tantirungkij

Major Field: US History

Minor Field: History of Capitalism

Degrees Conferred:  BA in Economics (Chulalongkorn University, 2012), M.Phil in History (CUNY Graduate Center, 2020)

Research Interests: settler colonialism, Antebellum national politics, slavery and the law

Dissertation Title: “An Act of Congress: Freedom Suits and the Emancipatory Consequences of the Northwest Ordinance”

Contact Information:



Riley Kellogg

Major Field: US History

Minor Field: Religious History / Legal History

Degrees Conferred: B.A. in Religion, Hunter College, CUNY (2010); Religion, Columbia University (2014)

Research Interests: Religious identity in social and civic life; religious experience and thought; religious liberty; outsider and heretical religious expressions; U.S. Constitutional history. I am generally interested in the intersections of religious experience and identity with law and society, including how this translates into regulation of bodily autonomy; both in the United States and in a comparative framework.

Contact info:



Blake Mcgready

Major Field: U.S. History

Minor Field: undecided

Degrees Conferred: B.A. in History, SUNY New Paltz (2013); M.A. in History, Villanova University (2017)

Research Interests:  early U.S. history, environmental history

Contact info:



Maayan Brodsky
Major Field: US History
Degrees Conferred: MA (American History – Tel Aviv University), BA (Comparative Literature and American Studies – Tel Aviv University).
Research Interests: Government secrecy
Contact info:



Oscar Aponte

Major field: Latin American and Caribbean history

Minor field: U.S./Latinx history

Degrees conferred: B.A. in Sociology, National University of Colombia; M.A. in History, University of Los Andes (Colombia); M.A. in History, The Graduate Center-CUNY.

Research interests: My research revolves around agrarian history, rural colonization, indigenous peoples and the state, infrastructure projects, and extractive economies in the Amazon rainforest. I’m also interested in environmental history, history of the press, labor history, Latinx studies, and critical theory.

Publications: Aponte, O. (2020). Socioeconomic Conditions of Foreign-Born and Domestic-Born Latinos in New York City, 1990-2018. Latino Data Project, Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies, The Graduate Center, CUNY [forthcoming].


Emily Brooks
Major Field: U.S. History
Minor Field: Urban History
Degrees Conferred: M.Phil (CUNY Graduate Center, 2016), BA (University of Michigan, 2009).
Research Interests: history of policing, gender history, construction of social deviance, urban history
Recent Publications:     “Marijuana in La Guardia’s New York City: The Mayor’s Committee and Federal Policy, 1938-1945,” Journal of Policy History. (Autumn 2016)
Contact Info:


Marybeth Tamborra

Major Field: Modern European History

Minor Field:  Labor and Capitalism

Degrees Conferred: ‘AB Anthropology with honors, University of Chicago 2010

Research Interests: I am interested in the tensions between the possibilities of freedoms and forms of domination. My most recent research examined Fascist Italian housing projects in colonial Libya and settlements on the outskirts of Rome. My broad research interests include labor, capitalism, domestic service work, class, social theory, Marx, Italian Fascism, and housing.

Contact info:



Erin Cully
Major Field: US History
Minor Field: History of Capitalism
Degrees Conferred: BA (2012) and MA (2013) in history, McGill University
Research Interests: History of banking and finance, political economy, global history, 20th century US history.


Tamara Maatouk

Major Field: Middle East History

Minor Field:  Cultural History

Degrees Conferred: BA in Cinema and Television (USEK, 2010); MA in History (AUB, 2017).

Research Interests: Twentieth-Century Egypt; Film as History; Cultural History; History of Emotions.

Recent Publications:   Maatouk, Tamara. “Understanding the Public Sector in Egyptian Cinema: A State Venture.” Cairo Papers in Social Science 35/3. Cairo: The American University in Cairo Press, 2019.

Contact info:

Adam Kocurek
Major Field: American History
Minor Field: Gender History/Feminist Studies
Research Interests: Labor history, LGBT history, History of Sexuality, History of Gender.
Contact info:


Sophie Tunney 

Major Field: Early Modern Europe
Minor Field: Modern Europe, Focus: France in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Degrees Conferred: M.Phil. in History, The Graduate Center, CUNY (2019); B.A. in History and English Literature, NYU (2015)

Research Interest: I focus on the intersections between science, colonization, and the state in Old Regime France. My dissertation traces the French botanical network (a global correspondence network that circulated thousands of plants and seeds) during the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries. It focuses on the day-to-day lives of different botanists (and their plants) across France, its colonies and the wider world. Through my work on the botanical network, I also research the material history of plants and their movement across the globe.
Contact Info:


Richard A. Naclerio

Major Field: American History

Minor Field: Middle Eastern History

Degrees Conferred: BA, MA, MPhil

Research Interests: My area of interest is United States Financial and Economic History. I am presently working on my dissertation, which covers the recent growth of Credit Rating Agencies and their role in the Crash of 2008.

Contact info:

Publications:  Book: The Federal Reserve and It’s Founders: Money, Politics and Power, Agenda Publishing / Columbia University Press

Op-Ed: “Wall Street’s Grand Design: The Federal Reserve” Columbia University Press Blog

Text Book Contribution: “Progressive Era” section of The American Yawp, Stanford University Press

Article: “The Panic of 1907: How J.P. Morgan Took Over Wall Street” The Gotham Center for New York City History Blog



Miriam Liebman
Major Field: United States History
Minor Field: Women’s and Gender History
Degrees Conferred: B.A. Queens College, CUNY (2014); M.Phil. The Graduate Center, CUNY (2017)
Research Interests: early US history, women’s history, transatlantic history, Franco-American connections
Contact Info:




Arinn Amer

Major Field: American History

Minor Field: Theory and History of Violence

Degrees Conferred: BA, American Studies, Columbia University (2011); MA, MPhil American History, CUNY Graduate Center (2016, 2018)

Research interests: Early American material and print culture, tarring and feathering
Contact info:




Israel Ben-Porat

Major Field: American History

Minor Field: Early Modern Europe

Degrees Conferred: BA in History, Yeshiva University (2018); MA in History, CUNY Graduate Center (2020)

Research Interests: Transatlantic Puritanism; Hebraism and Jewish-Christian relations; biblical reception

Recent Publications:American Artaxerxes: Esther in Early Modern Political Hebraism,” in Esther in America: The Scroll’s Interpretation in and Impact on the United States, ed. Stuart W. Halpern (Maggid Books/Yeshiva University Press), 13-28; “Hebrew Bible or Old Testament? Evaluating the American Biblical Tradition,” The Lehrhaus (9/11/19)



Katie Uva

Major Field: American History

Minor Field: Urban History

Degrees Conferred: M.Phil (2014), M.A. (2013), B.A. in American Studies and Classics from Boston University (2010)

Dissertation Title: Fair City: Midcentury Urbanism and New York World’s FairsResearch Interests: cultural history, New York City, housing, consumerism, popular culture, public history

Recent publications: “1964 and the State of the City” in World’s Fairs in the Era of the Cold War (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019); additionally, people interactives for Robert Moses, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., and Samuel Lefrak currently on view in New York at its Core at the Museum of the City of New York.

Contact info:


Andrew Kotick

Major Field: Modern European History

Minor Field: History of Popular Culture

Degrees Conferred: M.Phil, History (CUNY Graduate Center, 2017); M.A., French Studies (NYU, 2014); B.A., History (New College of Florida, 2013)

Research Interests: History of humor and laughter; history of nationalism and mass politics; history of the press; cartooning, animation, and graphic media; political culture and ideology; history and memory






Marc Kagan
Major Field: American History – Labor History
Minor Field: World History
Dissertation Title: The Fall and Rise and Fall of TWU Local 100
Research Interests: Contemporary Class Struggle in the United States
Recent publications: More Austerity Coming? Lessons from New York City’s 1970s Fiscal Crisis, New Labor Forum, Volume 29 Issue 3 (Fall 2020); “The Great American Crack-up: Maybe It’s Time To Part Ways, New York Daily News, Nov. 6, 2020
Contact info:



Yanara Schmacks

Major Field: Modern Europe

Minor Field: Intellectual History

Degrees Conferred: B.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences (University College Maastricht, 2015), M.A. Interdisciplinary Research on Antisemitism (Technical University Berlin, 2018)

Research Interests: Reproductive politics, motherhood and maternalism, post-Nazi East and West Germany, psychoanalysis

Dissertation Working Title: Reproductive Nation: German Motherhood, Erotics, and Ecology between East and West

Recent Publications: “‘Only mothers can be true revolutionaries’: The Politicization of Motherhood in 1980s West German Psychoanalysis,” Psychoanalysis and History 23, no. 1 (2021): 49–73.

“‘Motherhood Is Beautiful’: Maternalism in the West German New Women’s Movement Between Eroticization and Ecological Protest,” Central European History 53, no. 4 (December 2020): 811–34. (Won Honorable Mention for the 2019 – 2020 Annelise Thimme Article Prize).

Contact Info:


Anastasia Kirtiklis
Major Field: US History
Minor Field: Medicine & Health
Degrees Conferred: BA, American Studies, Columbia University; MA, Health Education, Columbia University
Research interests: constructions of mental and physical wellness, identity, consumerism, sexuality, emotions, trauma, spirituality, and religion in 19th & 20th century US and transnational history; intellectual history
Contact info:



Erik Wallenberg
Major Field: U.S. History
Minor Field: Environmental History
Degrees Conferred: BS, Environmental Studies, University of Vermont, 2003. MA, History, University of Vermont, 2013
Research Interests: I am researching a dissertation on radical theater groups connected to a variety of social movements organizing environmental, labor, civil rights, and anti-war work in the twentieth century United States. Environmental concerns are what hold each of them together. I am actively working in the fields of environmental history, Black freedom studies, labor history, theater history, and American Studies.
Contact info:





Kate Kelley
Major Field: Modern Europe

Minor Field: Intellectual History

Degrees Conferred: B.A. in History and German, Hunter College; M.A. in History, CUNY Graduate Center

Research Interests: Cold War, Soviet bloc, East Germany, communism, socialism, art & culture, performance, politics, the state, nationality, memory, race, gender & sexuality

Dissertation Working Title: “How Cinderella became a Communist: The Politics of Classical Ballet in East Germany”

Contact info:





Bradford Pelletier has an MA in European History and Literature from Columbia University and is currently finishing a PhD in American History at the CUNY Graduate Center. He specializes in the History of Global Psychiatry with a special focus on the ways in which race and class have influenced medical care in the United States. Currently, he is writing on inequalities in conditions and care at the South Carolina State Hospital from 1930-1970.  ​






Miranda Brethour

Major Field: Modern European History

Minor Field: Gender and Sexuality

Degrees Conferred: Honours Bachelor of Arts in History (University of Ottawa), Master of Arts in History (University of Ottawa)

Research Interests: The Holocaust in rural Poland; Jewish-Gentile relations

Dissertation Topic: Sexual violence in hiding during the Holocaust in Poland

Recent publications:

Miranda Brethour, “Jewish-Gentile Relations in Hiding during the Holocaust in Sokołów County, Poland.”  The Journal of Holocaust Research 33 no. 4 (2019): 277-301.

Miranda Brethour,  “Upamiętnianie Zagłady w kraju multikulturalizmu. Kanada wobec spuścizny Zagłady od lat siedemdziesiątych do chwili obecnej.” [“Remembering the Holocaust in the Land of Multiculturalism: Canada and the Legacy of the Holocaust from the 1970s to the Present”]. Zagłada Żydów 14 (2018): 769-789.

Contact info:


Esther Adaire

Major Field: Modern European History

Minor Field: Intellectual History

Degrees Conferred: BA (Hons) Theater & Performance (Goldsmiths University of London, 2011); MA History (Goldsmiths University of London, 2015)

Research Interests: The far-right in unified Germany and beyond; the role of the military in unified Germany; memory politics in East and West Germany; post-1989 European politics; disinformation campaigns and other threats to democracy; conceptual history.

Dissertation Working Title: “German Memory Politics and the Far-Right since 1989”


Recent Publications: Historical Perspectives on January 6, 2021: A Conversation with Esther Adaire and Steve Remy in EuropeNow (Council for European Studies (CES) at Columbia University)

“‘This Other Germany, the Dark One.’ Post-Wall Memory Politics Surrounding the Neo-Nazi Riots in Rostock and Hoyerswerda’ in German Politics and Society, Vol. 37, No. 4 (Winter 2019), pp. 43-57

“Destroying German History: The Work of Heiner Müller as a Challenge to Public Memory,” in Communications of the International Brecht Society (April 2020)

Contact Info:

Micki Kaufman

Major Field: US History (20th C)

Minor Field: World / International History

Degrees Conferred: B.A., U.S. History with Highest Honors, Columbia University. A.A., Simon’s Rock of Bard College

Research Interests: My research focuses on computational research in U.S. diplomatic and international history, most recently an analysis of the tenure of Henry Kissinger as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State using a large collection of the DNSA’s declassified U.S. government archives dated 1968-1977. I am co-author of an article on Cold War wargaming and technology forecasting in the December 2012 American Historical Review titled “General, I Have Fought Just as Many Nuclear Wars As You Have,” and I received a 2012-2013 Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant to expand my research to include additional databases including the ‘Foreign Policy Files’ of the US State Department (NARA Secret Record Group 59). I have taught undergraduate history at Hunter College and have served as the Technology Coordinator for the Hertog Global Strategy Initiative’s 2011 “Summer Fever” and 2010 “Nuclear Summer” research programs.




Jack Devine

Major Field: US History

Minor Field: Undecided

Degrees Conferred: B.A. History & Screen, Arts, and Cultures (University of Michigan, 2014); M.A. Liberal Studies (CUNY Graduate Center, 2020)

Research Interests: The American Civil War and Reconstruction, Capitalism and Slavery, Abolition Democracy, Marxism, Socialism and the American Labor Movement

Contact info:



David Pultz

Major Field: U.S. History

Minor Field: History of Human Rights

Degrees Conferred: M.A. American History, The City College of New York (2018). BFA Media Studies, Emerson College (1976).

Research Interests: Slavery and abolition, religious antislavery, intersection of antislavery and human rights, antebellum New York City, reconstruction.





Amanda Westbrook Brennan

Major Field:  US History

Minor Field:  Gender

Degrees Conferred: BS in Business Administration, Georgetown University (2006), MA in Humanities and Social Thought, New York University (2014)

Research Interests: 20th century US History, mutual construction of race and gender, cultural ideals, motherhood.

Dissertation Title: The History of ‘Having It All’: Black and White Women and Work-Life Balance from 1890-today

Contact info:



Soheil Asefi

Major Field: Middle East History

Minor Field: Queer History and Sexuality/Modern Europe

Degrees Conferred: M.A. Political Science, The New School for Social Research (NSSR,) 2017. B.A. Film Studies, Tehran Art Soore University (SU,) 2008.

Research Interests: Transgenerational History of Love and Politics, Modern German History and Sexuality, Iranian Leftist Movements, Iranian Red Diaper Babies (Born and Raised in Communist Family,) Political Socialization of Youth, The Politics of Memory, Belonging, and Trauma, Revolutionary Politics, Marxism, Historical Materialism, The Cold War, Imperialism, The Commodification of Public Spheres, Public History, Political Agency in Exile, Queer Diaspora, Refugees and Migration, Radical Queer History, Diaspora Politics.

Contact Info:




Miranda Brethour

Major Field: Modern Europe

Minor Field: Public History

Degrees Conferred: B.A. History (University of Ottawa, 2017); M.A History (University of Ottawa, 2019)

Research Interests: History of the Holocaust in Poland, modern Eastern Europe, gender and sexuality

Recent Publications: Miranda Brethour, “Jewish-Gentile Relations in Hiding during the Holocaust in Sokołów County, Poland.”  The Journal of Holocaust Research 33, no. 4 (2019): 277-301.

Contact info:



Kikuko Tanaka

Major Field: Modern European History

Minor Field: Intellectual History

Degree Conferred: M.A in History (CUNY Graduate Center, NY), B.S in Environmental Cultural History (Chiba University, Japan)

Research Interests: Global cross-pollination of philosophy, religion, and ideology; Enlightenment and Anti-Enlightenment philosophical traditions; Orientalism; politics of history-writing; philosophy of history and historiographic methods

Dissertation Topic: My dissertation probes into the political implications of Japanese philosopher Kuki Shūzō’s aesthetic and formal philosophy. Contrary to the preceding historiography that condemned Kuki as a fascist, my dissertation argues that Kuki’s philosophy contained potentiality for anti-totalitarianism.

Contact info:



Madeline DeDe-Panken

Major Field: US History

Minor Field: Women and Gender

Degrees Conferred: B.A., History, Clark University (2012); M.A., History, Clark University (2013); M.Phil. in History, The Graduate Center, CUNY (2019)

Research Interests: History of science, food history, women’s history. I am broadly interested in questions of gender and authority revolving around scientific and domestic knowledge. My dissertation explores women’s involvement in scientific and sustenance mushroom foraging as it relates to a popular food fad at the turn of the 20th century.

Contact info: 



Deena Ecker

Major Field: U.S. History

Minor Field: Women and Sexuality

Degrees Conferred: B.A., History, Brandeis University

Research Interests:  Prostitution, history of sexuality, history of gender, women’s history, urban history, New York City history

.Contact info:





Carli Snyder

Major Field: U.S. History

Minor Field: Modern Europe

Degrees Conferred: BA in History and Women’s and Gender Studies, Pacific Lutheran University (2017), MA in History, CUNY Graduate Center (2019

Research Interests: Holocaust history and memory, museum studies, memory studies, history of feminism, oral history, histories of race, gender, and sexuality, late 20th century

Contact info:



John T. Massey
Major Field: 
Early Modern History
Minor Field: 
Degrees Conferred:
M.Phil. History, Graduate Center; B.A. History, Mathematics Saint Peter’s University
Research Interests:
I am currently writing a dissertation on the lives of seminarians entering the English College, Rome from 1598-1610 through their responses to the institution’s entrance questionnaire. I have secondary interests in early modern medicine and innovations to mathematics in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Contact info: 

Madeline Lafuse

Major Field: US History

Minor Field: Gender and Sexuality Studies

Degrees Conferred: BA Tulane University in History, Asian Studies, Linguistics, Gender & Sexuality Studies; MA CUNY Graduate Center in History

Research Interests:  I study enslaved people poisoning their masters in nineteenth-century New Orleans from a cultural perspective. I am interested in how poison reveals contradictions between the household, national expansion, and slavery. I am also interested in the history of emotions and affect studies.

Contact info:


Lukasz Chelminski

Major field: Modern European History

Minor Field: American Intellectual History

Degrees Conferred: M.Phil, History (CUNY Graduate Center); M.A., History (CUNY Graduate Center); B.A., History (Stony Brook University)

Research Interests: Transnational history, history of ideas, reception history, Marxism, the left, networks of protest and activism, migration, identity.

Dissertation Working Title: “Émigrés as Aneks: Polish post-1968 Political Exiles”

Contact info:



Jarrett Moran
Major field: Modern European History
Minor field: Intellectual History
Degrees conferred: MA, Modern European Studies (Columbia University); BA, Ethics, Politics, and Economics (Yale University)
Research interests: History of criticism and the idea of culture in the nineteenth and twentieth century; history of political thought (particularly liberalism); British History
Dissertation Title: “Culture and Its Discontents: Arnoldian Culture in Britain from the 1860s to the 1960s”
Contact info:


Cathy Cabrera-Figueroa

Major Field: Latin American History
Minor Field: US and Latino History

Degrees Conferred: MA in History, The Graduate Center, City University of New York. MA in Liberal Studies, Lehman College. BS in Psychology, Fordham University.

Research Interests: Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican diaspora, early 20th century Latin America, Migration, Labor, Gender and Sexuality,

Contact info:



Stephen Lazar

Major Field: US History

Minor Field: Comparative Radical Politics

Degrees Conferred: MA in History; 2018; The Graduate Center, City University of New York.  MA in African-American Studies; 2006; Columbia University. BA in Political Philosophy & Religious Studies; 2004; Brown University.

Research Interests: Post World War II Black Freedom Struggles, Education

Contact info:

On Leave Spring 2021




Benjamin Diehl

Major Field: Modern European History

Minor Field: TBD

Degrees Conferred: BA in International Relations, SUNY College at Geneseo, 2018; MA in European History, Politics, and Society, Columbia University, 2020.

Research Interests: Modern Germany, European political history, charisma and politics, electoral/popular politics, political culture, urban history, history of the state, social democracy

Contact info: ;




Mohamad J. Hodeib
Major Field: Middle East History
Minor Field: Intellectual History
Degrees Conferred: M.A. Middle East Studies, Graduate Center (CUNY); B.A., Political Science/International Affairs, Lebanese American University
Research Interests: Power, intellectuals, ideology, political culture, cultural history, revolutionary politics, counter-culture, poetry, music, song, civil war, the Arab Levant, Lebanon, Palestine
Contact Info:




Rebecca Irvine

Major Field: Modern Middle East

Minor Field: History of medicine

Degrees Conferred: BA History, University of Sheffield; MA Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University

Research Interests: public health, gender, colonialism, history of Iraq

Contact info:





Helena Yoo Roth
Major Field:  US History
Minor Field:  Undecided
Degrees Conferred: B.A., American Studies, Columbia University (2016)
Research Interests: early US history, transatlantic history, cultural history
Contact info:


Idan Liav

Major Field: Modern Europe and Israel-Palestine

Minor Field: History of memory

Degrees Conferred: M.A. in History, Graduate Center, CUNY; M.A in Conflict Research, Management and Resolution, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; B.A. in International Relations and English Literature, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research Interests: Israeli-Palestinian conflict, history of memory, Holocaust memory, conceptual history.

Contact info:



Rafael Davis Portela
Major Field: Latin American History
Minor Field: History of Capitalism
Degrees Conferred: M.Phil in History, The Graduate Center; M.A. in Social History, Universidade Federal da Bahia; B.A. in History, Universidade Federal da Bahia.
Research Interests: History of Capitalism; Transnational History; History of Transportation; Riots and Rebellions in Latin America.
Recent publications: “O Caso da Canoa Incendiada: Perfis e Relações de Pescadores em Salvador (1853-1880)”, Revista Mundos do Trabalho Vol 7 Num 14 (2015).
Contact info:


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