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The Spring 2024 Washington History Seminar Lineup


The Spring 2024 series of the Washington History Seminar has been finalized. All seminars will be held online over Zoom and will be recorded for the Washington History Seminar’s YouTube Channel. Registration information will be circulated for each event two weeks in advance of the webinar. Please mark your calendars for the dates below:

  • January 22: James Cronin on “Fragile Victory: The Making and Unmaking of Liberal Order”
  • January 29: Mary Fulbrook on “Bystander Society: Conformity and Complicity in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust”
  • February 5: Joya Chatterji on “Shadows at Noon: The South Asian Twentieth Century”
  • February 12: Laura Robson on “Human Capital: A History of Putting Refugees to Work”
  • February 26: David Blackbourn on “Germany in the World: A Global History, 1500–2000”
  • March 4: Charles S. Maier on “The Project-State and Its Rivals: A New History of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries”
  • March 11: Edda L. Fields-Black on “Combee: Harriet Tubman, the Combahee River Raid, and Black Freedom during the Civil War”
  • March 18: Robert Rakove on “Days of Opportunity: The United States and Afghanistan Before the Soviet Invasion”
  • March 25: Eline van Ommen on “Nicaragua Must Survive: Sandinista Revolutionary Diplomacy in the Global Cold War”
  • April 8: Samuel Moyn on “Liberalism against Itself: Cold War Intellectuals and the Making of Our Times”
  • April 15: Julia Irwin on “Catastrophic Diplomacy: US Foreign Disaster Assistance in the American Century”
  • April 29: Manisha Sinha on “The Rise and Fall of the Second American Republic: Reconstruction, 1860–1920”
  • May 6: Elizabeth O’Brien Ingleson on “Made in China: When US-China Interests Converged to Transform Global Trade”
  • May 13: Jennifer Burns on “Milton Friedman: The Last Conservative”
  • May 20: Chen Jian on “Zhou Enlai: A Life”

All seminars will be held Mondays from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET unless otherwise noted. The Washington History Seminar is co-sponsored by the American Historical Association and the Woodrow Wilson Center. If you have questions about any event, please contact Ben Rosenbaum at