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Upcoming Events at The Writing Center

Writing a Conference Abstract

Tuesday, March 7 @ 5 PM; register here

Do you see a conference in your future? Here this event will review the best practices of responding to a Call For Papers (CFP). They will look at graduate school conference CFPs, as well as regional and national conference CFPs—each has its own peculiarities. They will provide examples of successful critical and pedagogical abstracts. They will also take a look at a few abstracts that failed to effectively navigate the sometimes-idiosyncratic language of a CFP and discuss why they may have failed to qualify for their panel.


Preparing For and Writing Comprehensive Exams

Friday, March 10 @ 10 AM; register here

Because comprehensive exams mark an important milestone for doctoral students, the work of preparing for and writing them can feel especially daunting. This webinar helps participants understand the expectations of comp exams and offers strategies both for preparing during the months leading up to exams and reviews principles for managing the unique challenges writing under a short time constraint.


Taking Smarter Notes

Wednesday, March 15 @ 10 AM; register here

When doing research, many people take notes in ways that don’t help them enough. Less organized people jot down their ideas on loose papers that can easily get lost, and more organized people gather their notes into project-based books and folders that may never get consulted again when that particular project is finished. This webinar introduces participants to a particular note-taking system, the Zettelkasten, that can serve as a life-long research and learning companion. It is a way to take and store notes so that the ideas you develop over your entire career are always at hand and never get lost. Whether you are taking courses, reading for orals, or already writing your thesis or dissertation, consider the enormous long-term advantages of taking smarter notes.