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Making the Most of a Dissertation Progress Meeting 

Friday, March 24 @ 10 AM; register here 

From time to time, students working on their dissertation may have semi-formal progress meetings with their dissertation advisor/committee. While progress meetings are often beneficial to the dissertator, they can also be very stressful and intimidating. This webinar reviews a range of considerations and practical strategies that can help graduate students to make the most out of a dissertation progress meeting. 


Soliciting Effective Feedback 

Wednesday, March 29 @ 6 PM; register here 

Experienced academics know that good final drafts are rarely produced through a solitary process. Instead, scholars achieve high-level writing through a process that involves sharing early drafts of their work with others and getting feedback that helps them revise more effectively. That being said, sharing work that is unfinished and that may well be somewhat unclear and confusing to other readers can be tricky. How can a writer help someone to read their unfinished work in a way that will result in a productive exchange? This webinar considers some guiding principles that will help students to prepare their chosen readers for a productive encounter with their work-in-progress. 


Structuring Argument-Based Writing 

Monday, April 3 @ 6 PM; register here 

Writing a long paper can be challenging, especially when it comes to organizing all the reading and thinking one has done into a coherent progression of paragraphs and sections. This webinar introduces participants to some of the fundamental principles that help guide decisions about structuring a longer academic essay.