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Workshop: Mindfulness Strategies as You Ease into the Semester

Date: September 7, 2022 (Wednesday)

Time:  12:00– 1:00 PM EST

Facilitator:  Beej Christie Karpen, SEP, IFS-L1, MBSR-Q

Mindfulness is a practice of learning to attend to the present moment with more acceptance. It is a systematic way of slowing down, observing one’s reactions, and relating to experiences with greater ease and compassion. Mindfulness has been shown to enhance well-being by reducing the impact of stress and helping people cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression. In addition, mindfulness can be applied to managing urges and cravings to use substances or other problematic behaviors such as self-injury and overeating.


Beej Christie Karpen is a Certified Coach, Somatic Therapist, Clinical Hypnotist, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher specializing in anxiety, various types of trauma, the mind-body connection, and habits related to stress drinking and stress eating.


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Asian Graduate Student Academic Support Group

Day: Friday Afternoons, so please ensure that you have open times on Fridays between 1-4PM

Time: TBD

Facilitators: Tingyun Tseng, M.A. and Nicole Benedicto Elden, Psy.D.

This group will meet virtually on a weekly basis for the 2022-2023 academic year. Space is limited—please send in your request soon.

Being an Asian-identified graduate student can be unique experience for a variety of reasons. If you are an Asian international student, you may be grappling with a vastly different culture and academic setting and grapple with questions such as how do I interact with the faculty? How do I make friends and network?  What does critical thinking even mean?  Being an Asian-American, you may notice yourself ruminating about certain interactions, wondering if they were racially charged? You may be feeling physically exhausted or emotionally fatigued. For any Asian graduate student, at times you may feel isolated or alone, seeking community and support.


For many Asian graduate students, recent events have exacerbated existing challenges and posed entirely new obstacles within their graduate programs. For example, fear and anxiety may now be present for some due to the anti-Asian discrimination and assaults exacerbated by COVID-19. You may find yourself feeling isolated and questioning how you will be able to navigate this journey alone! ​This group is an academic support space designed to offer Asian-identified students the space to process thoughts and feelings, get feedback and support on individual and collective experiences, develop organizational skills and self-care strategies, all while building community.


Interpersonal Process Group

Wednesdays 3-4:30PM EST, via Zoom

Facilitators: Dr. Inez Strama, Supervising Clinical Psychologist for Student Counseling and​ Rozita Alaluf, M.A., Clinical Fellow


This group is for individuals looking to expand their awareness of themselves in relation to self and others. The focus is on themes such as trust, intimacy, and boundaries. If you struggle with interpersonal patterns such as not knowing how to communicate your needs/feelings, putting others’ needs ahead of your own, and/or shying away from getting close to people, then this group might be for you. It is a unique opportunity for honest (& sometimes challenging) exploration of personal and interpersonal process in an emotionally supportive environment. It is also an opportunity to practice new ways of being in connection with yourself and others.


Dissertation Support Group

Day/Time TBD for Fall 2022 Semester, via Zoom

Facilitators: Dr. Inez Strama, Supervising Clinical Psychologist for Student Counseling and​ Ryan Savino, LMSW Clinical Fellow


This is a group for doctoral students working on their dissertations. Students from all programs, at all stages in the process, are welcome. You are not alone! This is a space for you to give and receive emotional peer support during a time in your academic journey that can often feel lonely and isolating. You may also benefit from accountability, learn practical strategies, and hear how others are navigating the process. This is NOT a peer writing and/or editing group.

If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please complete our Request for Services form  and email it to or submit via our Virtual Drop-Off Service (please include a picture of your student I.D.)  For students who wish to complete or drop-off our form in-person, currently we are open Tuesday-Thursday 9AM-3PM in room 6422.

Note:Individual screening with group facilitators is required. You must be a registered student of the Graduate Center or Craig Newmark School of Journalism to be eligible to join.​


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