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December 22 – Richard Wolin in panel discussion at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research


Founded in 1925 in Vilna (Lithuania, then Poland), YIVO is the only Jewish Institution of Eastern Europe to survive both the Holocaust and Soviet occupations. From its early years in the ‘20s to its looting by the Nazis in 1941, YIVO experienced and responded to the profound political, social, and spiritual transformations taking place throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, and the West. Under enormous political duress and organizational strain, the YIVO Institute maintained the integrity of its mission, and survived the war.

In light of recent political events in the United States, the question of how organizations and inpiduals respond to the emergence of authoritarianism—how we as a society maintain our integrity, both ethical and intellectual—is more pressing than ever. How, then, did YIVO respond to the rise of Fascist and nationalist movements in the ‘20s and ‘30s? What was the response of Jewish intellectuals then, and what parallels can be drawn to today?

Join us for a panel discussion with Paul Berman, Cecile Kuznitz, and Richard Wolin, moderated by Jonathan Brent, YIVO’s Executive Director, as we consider the perse responses to the emergence of Fascism throughout the 20th century—and on into the present.

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22 | DEC


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