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09/11 and 09/12 Heidegger’s Black Notebooks: A Conference



Heidegger’s Black Notebooks: A Conference

At this two-day conference, scholars and writers will debate and discuss the philosopher’s late and unambiguously pro-Nazi writings, which may very well represent a point of no return for Heidegger scholarship.
Heidegger’s Black Notebooks, recently published in Germany, were intended as the culmination of his 102-volume Collected Works. But what they also disturbingly reveal is Heidegger’s obsession with “World Jewry” in the most negative and cliché-ridden terms: as a pivotal source of cultural and social dissolution that must be eliminated in order to realize National Socialism’s “inner truth and greatness,” as Heidegger himself put it in 1935. How, then, might one resolve the conundrum of a great thinker who remained convinced that the Nazi regime, with its unbridled racism and exterminationist militarism, represented an adequate solution to the “decline of the West”?
Thursday, September 11:

  • Time: 6:30 pm
  • Location: Elebash Recital Hall
  • Event: Film Screening: Only a God Can Save Us – a documentary by Jeffrey van Davis on Heidegger’s philosophy and his relationship to Nazism; to be followed by a panel discussion.

Friday, September 12:

  • Time: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm
  • Location: Elebash Recital Hall
  • Participants include: Richard Wolin, The Graduate Center; Steven Crowell, Rice University; Sidonie Kellerer, University of Cologne; Peter Trawny, University of Wuppertal; Emmanuel Faye, University of Rouen; Thomas Sheehan, Stanford University; and Karsten Harries, Yale University.



Free, first-come, first served.

For more information, or assistance with reservations, call GC Public Programs at 212-817-8215.

This conference is supported by the Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC).

Co-sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in History, the Committee on Social and Political Thought, the CUNY Academy for the Humanities and Sciences, the Center for the Humanities, and the Center for Jewish Studies.