AHA Career Diversity for Historians

In 2014, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded a grant to the AHA to demonstrate how graduate programs in history can prepare doctoral students to pursue a wide spectrum of career opportunities. Here are some links to the AHA Career Diversity for Historians project:

Main link: https://www.historians.org/jobs-and-professional-development/career-diversity-for-historians

Career Path articles: https://www.historians.org/jobs-and-professional-development/career-diversity-for-historians/career-diversity-resources/career-paths

What I Do videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtafkoYGge2LRZjZWyB2oR2c7Jf_T-MJ7

Career Contacts service: https://www.historians.org/jobs-and-professional-development/career-diversity-for-historians/career-diversity-resources/aha-career-contacts


All of these are AHA initiatives.

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