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Digital Research Infrastructure Awards

Create a web presence for your digital project!


The Graduate Center Library and GC Digital Initiatives are happy to announce that we are continuing our pilot program to support student digital scholarship: one year of free access to hosting on a web server, along with your choice of domain name! Successful applicants will receive a 1-year Professional Plan at Reclaim Hosting, which includes:


Reclaim Hosting provides access to over 150 web applications such as:


  • Omeka
  • Scalar
  • Mukurtu
  • Drupal
  • Commons In A Box


Use the server space for a digital capstone, or a classroom assignment, or for experiment and learning. Due to limited supply, application is required. To be considered for an account, please fill out this brief form.

Questions may be directed to Stephen Zweibel, GC Digital Scholarship Librarian or Matthew K. Gold, Advisor to the Provost for Digital Initiatives.


Stephen Zweibel

Digital Scholarship Librarian

CUNY Graduate Center


Matthew K. Gold, Ph.D.
Director, M.A. Program in Digital Humanities & M.S. Program in Data Analysis and Visualization /
Associate Professor of English & Digital Humanities /
Advisor to the Provost for Digital Initiatives, CUNY Graduate Center | @mkgold
pronouns: he/him/his