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Fall financial literacy sessions

The Office of Fellowships and Financial Aid will be offering a number of financial literacy sessions via Zoom in the Fall semester. All sessions will take place at 1:30 pm. We expect each session to last about 45 minutes. Registration is required. Sessions are open to the GC, SOJ, and SLU communities.

September 15th: Loan repayment basics Learn about your federal student loans, including terms and an overview of how repayment works.  We’ll discuss interest rates and fees, loan repayment options, and what to expect after you graduate.  This session is intended for all students who have borrowed federal student loans.

September 22nd: Income-Driven Repayment  Learn about how the government allows students to make payments based on their income.  We’ll discuss the numerous different plans, the eligibility for each, and the application process.  This session is intended for students who are familiar with loan basics and want to understand in more detail how these payments are calculated and why borrowers may choose them.

September 29th: Public Service Loan Forgiveness  Interested in working in a non-profit or government entity?  If so, learn about how to take advantage of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.  We’ll discuss the qualifications and how to make sure your loans fit the criteria.  This session is intended for students planning to work in the public or non-profit sector.

Registration is available on our website: