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Hostos Community College seeks Adjunct Instructor to teach Modern African American History for Fall 2021

The Hostos Community College Social Sciences Unit is looking for someone who is qualified to teach Modern African American History for the fall 2021 semester (possibly spring as well, but not guaranteed). This course is a survey course. The course is currently scheduled to meet as an online hybrid section through Zoom. The class in online, but will meet via zoom on Wednesday evenings. This is a hybrid section in which students will only be required to meet together with the professor via zoom once per week on Wednesday nights, 7:00 – 8:15 pm.. The rest of the course is conducted through Blackboard.┬áThis section is also designated as writing-intensive, which means the course will be capped at 25 students. But the fact that this course is writing-intensive will also mean that the person will have to use my writing-intensive syllabus that has already been approved by the WI Task Force at the college and adapt it for the new modality.


If there are any interested candidates, please have them send their cv to: Kristopher Burrell at