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The history of humanity is a history of movement. For millennia, people have fled violence, searched for ecological resources, pursued socioeconomic betterment and sought to reunite with kin. Yet all migrations emerge from and give shape to specific historical contexts, with their distinctive conjunctures of (geo)political forces, economic conditions, social conflicts, environmental factors, technological capacities, public policies and ideologies. As demonstrated by contemporary events, migration can produce severe humanitarian crises, marked by suffering among the displaced and by political challenges to states faced with accommodating them. It has set off conflict and political controversy; it has also led to remarkable acts of courage, creativity, cooperation, and compassion. Inevitably, whether voluntary or forced, state-sponsored or unofficial, migration transforms the political economy and cultural landscape of both the sending and receiving regions, as well as the individuals, families, and communities involved.

For its 2017-18 fellowship theme on the history of migration, exile, and displacement, the Institute for Historical Studies welcomes applications from scholars whose research explores the origins, meanings, and impacts of population movements in history. IHS invites applications for resident fellows at all ranks. Deadline: Sunday, January 15, 2017 (11:59 midnight CST).


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