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John Jay Seeks Instructor

John Jay is seeking an instructor for their Humanities and Justice First Year Seminar, HJS 100.  Please find the course description below.  Interested candidates can email Wynne Ferdinand ( a current CV and letter of interest.

The Individual on the Trial, HJS 100. This first-year seminar considers the individual’s experience of justice through the lens of the trial. Students will study three trials as recorded by historians, imagined by writers, and analyzed by philosophers, exploring events such as the Salem Witchcraft trials (1692), the Dred Scott Decision (1857), and the Scopes Monkey trial (1926). The course will situate the trials in their cultural and historical contexts as well as encourage students to examine their personal responses to them. While studying these pivotal trials, students will develop their writing and analytical skills as taught in the humanities disciplines of philosophy, literature, and history.


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