The Ph.D. Program in History

at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York

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November 19 – TLC: Reflective Collaging

Room 9207 Graduate Center

Where we come from, how we come to know the world, our experiences and points of view, and what matters to us shapes our pedagogy. The knowledge we construct for and with our students is entrenched in our positionality in the world and in our disciplines. Art-based methods can help educators explore the process of knowledge production that takes place in our teaching, and the ways this process is shaped by our identities and experiences.

Collaging facilitates the deconstruction and reconstruction of our perspective through a visual and inter-textual medium. Join the TLC for a workshop on November 19th that aims to make meaning out of our positionality in the classroom, and explores how pedagogy can be responsive to a range of oppressive and marginalizing social forces. Participants will be offered materials with which to play and explore, guiding questions with which to think, and space to share their experiences teaching in a socially conscious classroom.

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