The Ph.D. Program in History

at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York

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NYU urgently seeking a Course Assistant

Prof. Masato Hasegawa of the NYU Department of History is seeking to hire a Course Assistant for his course this fall: History of East Asia to 1600. The course is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm-3:15pm. Here is the course description:

This course is both an introductory survey of the history of East Asia from antiquity to 1600 and an introduction to historical analysis. It aims to provide a fundamental grounding in the histories of China, Korea, and Japan in the early and formative period of cultures and identities in the East Asian region. We will not only study the distinctive features of national histories in East Asia but also examine the cross-regional qualities of traditions and contestations in the region. As an introductory course in historical analysis, this course emphasizes the importance of critically assessing historical evidence in both reading and writing. We will read selections from historical surveys and an anthology of primary materials in English translation, which will be supplemented by visual materials and film screenings. Readings will also include literary works, travelogues, and selected basic texts in Confucianism and Buddhism, both of which played a profound role in the early development of intellectual thought in East Asia. The structure of this course combines lecture and discussion. Approximately half of class time will be devoted to lectures and discussion of historical context. We will use the second half of class time to discuss assigned primary source readings. The course is open to all students and assumes no prior knowledge of the course material.

As a Course Assistant, you would be expected to attend all lectures. The salary is approximately $2,800 for the semester.

If you are interested in this assignment, please write to Prof. Hasegawa at, and CC Isaac Amad (, Graduate Program Administrator, on the email. Please also provide a CV. Students will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Feel free to contact me with any questions.