The Ph.D. Program in History

at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York

GC Events

PublicsLab Spring 2020 workshops


  • 9 March: “Teaching Beyond the Classroom” (in collaboration with the Teaching & Learning Center)
  • 27 March: “Oral History Skills for Researchers”
  • 6 April: “Putting the Public Back in Publication: Reaching Many Audiences Through Open Access” (in collaboration with the Mina Rees Library)
  • 29 April: “Neither Dictatorship Nor Democracy: Building Equitable Organizations”
  • 30 April: “Justice-Driven Consulting: How to Help Change Happen”
  • 30 April-1 May (two-day conference): “Graduate Education at Work in the World” (in collaboration with the Futures Initiative)
  • 26 May: “Becoming an Academic YouTuber: The Essentials and the (Camera) Accessories”

Students should register for individual events via our website.