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September 13 | Flash Conference | Up and Down: Demolition and (re)Construction in the Roman City

Cupids build an Amphitheater. Impression of an intaglio in the Getty.

Up and Down:

Demolition and (re)Construction in the Roman City

Sept 13, 2020


A second flash conference organized by Liv Mariah Yarrow in response to an August 18, 2020 twitter thread all inspired by Sarah Bond’s post on the dedication of the temple of Divus Julius.

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Participant Bios 

Abstracts and Handouts


The session(s) will be held on zoom and recorded.  These recordings will be made available to registered participants for one week following the event via a YouTube unlisted url.

Session One

Start: 8.30 am LA, 11.30 am NYC, 4.30 pm LON, 5.30 Berlin

End:  9.45 am LA, 12.45 pm NYC, 5.45 LON, 6.45 Berlin


Dominik Maschek, “The eternal building site: some thoughts on construction works in the city of Rome (200 BCE-14 CE)”

Roger Ulrich, “Remembering the (lost) gateways of the original castrum at Ostia Antica”

Ayelet Haimson Lushkov, “Livy and the Sack of Rome (with environmental spin!)”

15 minute comfort break

Session Two

Start: 10 am LA, 1 pm NYC, 6 LON, 7 Berlin

End:  11.15 am LA, 2.15 pm NYC, 7.15 LON, 8.15 Berlin


Diane Favro, ““Construction as Propaganda” – Title to be Finalized

Zoe Fox,  “Luxuria or Munificentia? Augustus’ Calculated Demolition on the Palatine”

Christina Triantafillou, “Rebuilding Rome’s Emporium in the early 2nd century AD”

15 minute comfort break

Session Three

Start: 11.30 am LA, 2.30 pm NYC, 7.30 LON, 8.30 Berlin

End:  1 pm LA, 4 NYC, 9 LON, 10 Berlin


Simon Barker, “Demolition as a profitable endeavor: dismantling and recycling the ancient city”

Virginia Closs, “Remaking Rome in Martial’s Epigrams”

Lynne C. Lancaster, “Deconstruction and Reconstruction at the Colosseum during the 3rd c. CE”

Marguerite Ronin, “What could possibly go wrong ? Organisation of the building site and neighbourhood conflicts”


Liv Mariah Yarrow, contact: yarrow [at] brooklyn [dot] cuny [dot] edu


Presentations of no more than 10 minutes by scholars interested in the topic who have self-nominated to present, followed by cross talk open discussion.  If a disproportionate number of self nominated presenters are men, women presenters will be recruited.  More than half of each session will be dedicated to discussion.


(1) KEEP TO TIME; (2) translate and gloss liberally: assume not everyone participating has read what you’ve read or is necessarily ‘up’ on terms of the debate; (3) defer to those whose voices might get lost in the conversation; (4) attempt to achieve culture-gender balance in the scholarship you use to prepare and which informs your conversation; (5) be as transparent as possible about the question(s) you are trying to answer and any particular type of questions you’d like to pose to the group; consider pre-circulating these by sharing with host for posting on this website; (5) pre-circulate any primary evidence (with translations) that will be key to you presentation by sharing with host for posting on this website; (7) enter Zoom with video on, but audio muted; stay muted during presentations; chat can be used for recording questions and ideas to be followed up in discussion portion of conference; (8) familiarize yourself with the original twitter conversation and attempt to connect your presentation and/or discussion contributions; (9) do not create a personal recording and do not save or distribute official recording of conference; (10) feel free to suggest other useful etiquette guidelines.


Twitter.  And all the fun that was had at the previous Flash Conference.

For more information, visit the conference website.