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The PSC Establishes People’s Pantry

Folks may have seen that the PSC has started a People’s Pantry as part of a campaign to Reclaim the Commons on the 8th Floor (you can read more about it here). All are welcome to contribute to the pantry and to make use of it, no questions asked. If you have your own departmental pantry, you are welcome to join forces. What has been made available thus far via personal donations have been well appreciated by the community. Financial contributions can be made via venmo to: @Zoe-Hu-1.

The PSC has also started offering a free beverage station with coffee and tea. Please come by when you have a chance (and please bring your own mug and/or a mug you could donate to the Commons!).


Finally, the PSC is also holding weekly potlucks and their own Community Meetings each Wednesday night from 5-7pm. Further collaborations, events and ideas for how to use the space are welcome. We encourage you to join them!