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Volunteers needed for the Teaching History Writing Conference

From organizer Kristopher Burrell

“We hope that grad volunteers on March 12 would help facilitate 1 – 75-minute session over Zoom during the day.

Facilitation would include: 1) welcoming participants to the session, briefly introducing panelists; 2) managing and curating the Comments/ Q&A functions during the sessions for stimulating discussion after the presentations are completed. This could include asking participants to use the “Raise Your Hand” function so that participants can unmute themselves to ask their questions and/or reading relevant questions and comments typed into the chat; 3) making Carla and I aware if there are technical difficulties during a session; and 4) letting us know if anyone is being abusive during the session, so they can be removed.

I hope this would be clarifying for anyone that might be interested in volunteering for a session. We would need them to register for the conference, although of course we are not requiring anyone to stay for the entire day. We could provide the email addresses of the panelists for their session if they wanted to introduce themselves or coordinate any plans ahead of the session.

The conference website in order to find the schedule for the day is:

Please email if interested (or with any additional questions)