Email Forwarding Work-Around (into Gmail)

Follow these steps to pull email into your personal Gmail account from the account:

Here is how you can get IMAP/POP configurations from your Office 365 account:

A1. Sign into your new email (Office 365) with the username and password that IT sent you. Change your password as prompted, if signing on for the first time.

A2. Click on the Outlook web app to access your email inbox.

A3. Click on the “settings” sign (wheel) on the top right corner, next to the question mark.

A4. Click ‘Options’.

A5. On the left hand menu, click POP and IMAP settings. These are the POP and IMAP settings you need for forwarding or pulling email to another email account like Gmail.

(Thanks to Cihan Tekay from Anthropology for sharing these steps!)

In your Gmail account:

B1. Go to Settings.

B2. Go to Accounts and Import.

B3. Go to Import Mail and Contacts.

B4. In the pop up window enter your email address.

B5. In the next window enter the following info:
– Your password for your email address
– Pop Username: your email address (i.e.
– Pop Server:
– Edit the Port to 995 and check the box next to “Use SSL” (these are the typical POP configurations for the email accounts, but if your’s are different, check out steps A1-A5 above to find them).

B6. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Stephanie Vella from the Theater program for sharing this simple step-by-step guide!)

Here is how to send email as your alias from Gmail:

In your Gmail account:

C1. Go to Settings.

C2. Go to Accounts and Import.

C3. On the ‘Send mail as:’ row, click ‘Add another email address you own’

C4. In the pop-up window, add your email address, and click ‘Next Step’.

C5. Change SMTP Server to ‘’ (without the quotation marks).

C6. For Username, enter in your entire email address.

C7. Enter in your password. (No need to change the ‘port’ or ‘connection using TLS’ settings.)

C8. Click ‘Add Account’.

C9. Google will send a verification code to your account. Simply type in the code in the next window and finish up.

Caution: There have been reports that it took multiple tries to get this (setting up the ‘send as’) to work and that people experienced disconnects and bounced emails.

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