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Hunter College Women and Gender Studies Program Interested in an experienced Adjunct

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Hunter College Women and Gender Studies Program

Interested in an experienced Adjunct who is qualified in feminist theory, post-colonial theory, critical race theory, and queer theory to teach the following course:


This course is an exploration of the fundamental questions and concepts behind American immigration policies, past and present. In particular, our focus will be on the gendered nature of immigration in terms of understanding how men and women are differently impacted by immigration. What accounts for the recent hostility toward immigrants and immigration in a country founded by immigrants? How has the history of immigration shaped our economic, political, and cultural lives? This interdisciplinary course will incorporate biology, anthropology, sociology, demographics, history, and literature to guide students in understanding contemporary immigration policies. The multifaceted contribution of gender and immigration to the structure and experience of employment, education, sexuality, identities, generations and citizenship will be at the core, along with issues such as socialization, emancipation and hierarchies of power. Participants will emerge from this course with a holistic understanding of the links between gender, race and immigration through the use of readings, discussion, field trips, multimedia oral presentations, guest speakers and writing assignments.
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