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NY State Legislature budget plea

The NY State Legislature is in the final month of negotiating the 2015-16 budget with

Governor Cuomo. I append a letter from Senior Vice-Chancellor Hershenson asking for

our help in CUNY’s efforts to affect the budget process. I second his call.  Logging onto

the CUNY support website []  is an easy way to prepare and send

messages to our representatives.


This is a critical time for CUNY and for the state. There is great pressure on the legislature

and the governor  to conclude the budget negotiations by the April 1 deadline. Please add

your voice in support of our great university as quickly as you can.


With thanks,


Chase F. Robinson




New York State Budget Alert
February 13, 2015


Dear Members and Friends of the CUNY Community:

The 2015-2016 New York State Executive Budget is currently under review by the New York State Legislature, including proposed funding for the colleges of The City University of New York. We need you to visit now to communicate to legislators the importance of investing in public higher education. As Chancellor James B. Milliken noted in his statement on the executive budget; “In the weeks to come, we look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature on the details of the budget, as partners in providing the high-quality, effective educational opportunities and preparation necessary to build a strong and productive New York future.”

As reflected in our 2015-2016 State Operating Budget Priorities document commonly referred to as the Gold Sheet (Click on link if you wish to review), CUNY is requesting additional aid for the following important areas:

  • Community College Base Aid – A $250 base aid increase equates to a $17.2 million increase for CUNY community colleges.
  • Academic Excellence – $28 million is requested for online education, international education for students and additional support for the Advanced Science Research Center opened in the Fall of this year.
  • Mandatory Cost Needs – $32.9 million is needed for fringe benefits, salary step increases and collective bargaining costs.
  • Student Success Programs – $11 million for programs such as ASAP, SEEK, College Discovery, Black Male Initiative, Single Stop, Child Care, Veteran Services and CUNY LEADS.
  • Capital Project – $656 Million
  • Critical Maintenance Needs at the Campuses – $231 Million

Your assistance is needed in supporting public higher education in order that CUNY continues to provide an affordable, high quality academic experience for our students. Please contact legislators while the budget process is under way by visiting or just by clicking on a letter below, or by using your own letter. The letters have been drafted to focus on CUNY budget priorities. State government leaders by law must pass the budget by April 1, 2015. The time to communicate is now!

Thank you for help and support.

Jay Hershenson
Senior Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Board Secretary

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